Vinyl, 1980

Disc 1

A1. Everytime She Steps In (4:23)
A2. Stormy Fire (3:58)
A3. White Magic Stone (8:05)
A4. Pearls In Her Hair (4:22)

B1. Help To Find Me (7:41)
B2. 2.200 Years After The Last War (5:11)
B3. You Don't Know (3:25)

Disc 2

A1. Live As Long As (3:19)
A2. The Hall Of Floaters In The Sky (3:19)
A3. Magician (6:03)
A4. Invitation (5:42)

B1. An Accountant's Dream (3:40)
B2. Late Night Show (6:30)
B3. Skyrover (3:54)
B4. High On The Starway (4:53)
B5. Final (2:45)

László Benkö
Ferenc Debreceni
Janos Kobor
Tamas Mihály
György Molnár

Peter Hauke
Christian Kolonovits