Christian Kolonovits


Vinyl, 1982

Side 1

That´s How It All Started
Talk To The Trees
German Phrase Of The Day
So Long Vienna
You Gotta Die To Live Again

Side 2

Neon Sign
Don´t Ever Forget How To Swimm
Waiting For The Storm
Eternity Is Love

Words and Music by Christian Kolonovits

Keyboards: Christian Kolonovits

Bass: Kurt Hauenstein

Drums: Jürgen Zöller

Percussion: Peter Koch

Saxophones: Christian Felke

Guitars: Johan Daansen

Xylophon: Berndt Kohn

Sequenzer: Rainhard Besser

Backing Vocals: Jeanette Mc Leod, Rainer Marz, Elke,

Richard Schönherz - Mini Moog on So Long Vienna

Hannes Wildner, Rainer Marz -Guitar on Welcome and Waiting For The Storm

Gerd Köthe - Sopran Sax on If

Hartmut Pfannmüller - Drums on Neon Sign

Rainhard Besser - Guitar on Neon Sign

Rainer Marz, Cee Cee Cob - Vocals on Mankind

Geli Fleer, Tony Carey . Voice on Phrase Of The Day

Cover Photos by Rosi Thielen

Peter Hauke

Christian Kolonovits

Recorded at Hotline Studis Frankfurt, Engineer Andy Lynn

Strings on So Long Vienna recorded at Air Studios London

Don´t Ever Forget How To Swimm recorded at Studio Löwengasse, Frankfurt

Mixed at Hotline Studios Frankfurt by Andy Lynn