Michael Ernst with Alan Parsons & Chris Thompson


CD, 2004/04

1. The King Of Swords (1:09)
2. Excalibur (3:16)
3. Magic (4:20)
4. A Long, Long Time Ago (4:08)
5. Back Again (3:47)
6. Stop (4:09)
7. On The Run (4:10)
8. Dreas Can Come True (Now Its Up To You) (4:19)
9. Goodbye (3:53)
10. People Shall Be Free (3:56)
11. Time To Change (4:08)
12. Part Of Me, Part Of You (4:35)
13. Every Dream Will Have Its Day (3:33)
14. Time To Change [Single Mix - Bonus Track] (3:32)

Beim neunten Titel spielt Christian Kolonovits das Piano. Musiker:
Michael Ernst
Johnny Bertl
Wiener Sinfonie Orchester
Andreas Winkler: Konzertmeister

Alan Parsons
Chris Thompson
Joni Madden
Manfred Schweng

Dorretta Carter
Eddy Cole
Hans Morawitz
Jaqueline Patricio
Kai Peterson
Chris Thompson

Harald Ganglberger
Oliver Gattringer
Albin Janoska
Christian Kolonovits
Andi Steirer

Johnny Bertl
Alan Parsons
Manfred Schweng

Johnny Bertl

Johnny Bertl

Soundgarden, Wien
Sunshine Studio, Wien
Tonstudio Hafner, Ebreichsdorf