José Feliciano


Vinyl, 1989

Side A
1. Never Gonna Change
2. Vienna Nights
3. Love Is Not A War
4. Into The Night
5. Ibiza

Side B
1. Heart, Don´t Change My Mind
2. Puerto Rican Feeling
3. Cielito Lindo
4. Through Whatever
5. Living In A World

Christian Kolonovits arrangierte folgende Titel: Love Is Not A War, Heart, Don´t Change My Mind, Living In A World

José Feliciano: "... Over the years, I´ve tried to balance those two extremes, musically, that which basically feels right along with stepping out and trying out what´s new. This album afforded me the opportunity to balance these two delightful conflicts within me - dabbing with today´s exciting electronics while still languishing in the opulence of the famous Vienna Symphony. Truly, it was an experiance we´ll never forget. I would like to thank Roel Kruisz, my friend Helmuth Schaerf, Christian Kolonovits. ... A new baby. A new album. A new beginning. Thank you, God, and I´m still me. I´m never gonna change."

José Feliciano

Guitars: José Feliciano, Rudy, Ivan Letchev, FSB

Keyboards: Christian Kolonovits, Roumen Boyadjiev and Konstantin Tzekov, FSB, Ronny Huffman

Keyboard Programming: Willi Schneider, FSB, Ronny Huffman

Drums: Curt Cress

Background Vocals: José Feliciano, Andi Radovan, Joselyn B Smith, Judy Kuhner Presley, FSB, Children´s Choir of then Vienna International School, conducted by Sandy Schweighofer

Orchestrals: The members of the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra

Executive Producer: Helmuth Schaerf

José Feliciano, Ronny Huffman, Christian Kolonovits, FSB, Rudy

José Feliciano, Christian Kolonovits u.a.

Christian Kolonovits

Powersound Factory, Achau

The Sound Room, Villa Park, CA

Front Page Recorders, Costa Mesa, CA