DVD, 2010/04

1. Opus pocus
2. Tonight at the opera
3. Up and down
4. Whiteland
5. Touch the sky
6. Somewhere somehow
7. Time of my life
8. Can you hear it
9. You can count on me
10. The beat goes on
11. Medley: It takes so long, Walking on air, Everynow and then, Vivian, All I wish, Walking on air (Reprise)
12. Hands in the air
13. History
14. Flying high
15. Live is Life
16. Follow me
17. Eleven
Bonus: Na na na na na - 25 Jahre Live is life
Live is Life (Viedeoclip)

"A Night To Remember...

The synobiosis of Opus with a symphonic orchestra for more than one song had always been a dream of ours. A dream that finally came to life with Christian Kolonovits and the Opuspocus Orchestra at the Opera of Graz and gave us the chance to help others: Together with Michael Vatter who made this charity evening on the 20th of December possible, 40 000.- euro was raised for building a school in Ethiopia with Karlheinz Böhm´s "Menschen für Menschen"." (Opus)
Ewald Pfleger, Guitars
Kurt René Plisnier, Keys
Herwig Rüdisser, Vocals
Günter Grasmuck, Drums

Additionals Musicians:
Corry Gass and Inez Furtlehner, Vocals
Erich Buchebner, Bass Guitar
Günter Meinhart and Chico Schenk, Percussion
Reinhard Summerer, Trombone
Gernot Strebl, Saxophone, Flute
Christoph Pfeiffer, Trumpet
The Opuspocus Orchestra

Paul Pfleger, Vocals, Ukulele
Michael Vatter, Guitar

Ewald "Sunny" Pfleger, Dietz Tinhof & Opus

Directed by Rudi Dolezal

Christian Kardeis, Christian Kolonovits and Anselm Schaufler

Christian Kolonovits

Recorded at the Operahouse Graz, on Dezember 20th, 2009

Mixed by Dietz Tinhof at The recorder, Judendorf-Strassengel

Matsering: MSM Munich by Christoph Stickel

DCD Authoring Roland Schupfer