The Michael Wynn Band


Vinyl, 1978

Side one:

1. Ready to fly
2. Black night
3. Backstage
4. It can´t last forever
5. Stay

Side two:

1. Explain
2. Good day sunshine
3. Crying angels
4. I can´t stand it
5. Rock´n roller

Michael Wynn - Lead vocals, Guitars

Robert Musenbichler - Lead-Guitars, Backing vocals

Tommy Schmitt - Keyboads, Backing vocals

Norbert Schmitt - Bass, Backing Vocals

Fritz Matzka - Drums, Percussions

Johan Daansen - Slide Guitar on Backstage

Dave Sprung - Backing vocals on Stay

Achim Farr - Saxophone-Solo on Stay

Brass oberdubs directed by Christian Kolonovits

Peter Hauke

Hotline Studios, Germany

Brass overdubs recorded at Air Studios, London

Engeneers: Jochen Wenke, Armin Bannach, Jon Lloyd

Mixed with the Aphex Aural Exciter