Alexandra Caró


CD, 2010/11

01. far away
02. you swept me off my feet
03. listen to your inside
04. perfect for me?!
05. thanks for your love
06. I´ll be there for you
07. run away
08. beautiful stranger
09. flip your book open
10. I hold back my tears
11. goodbye my friend
12. wandering what if

Music and lyrics by Alexandra Caró

Published by Sotto Voce Edition, Vienna, Austria
Programming & editing by Stefan Schrupp
Recorded & mixed by Clemens Nowak at
Homebase Recording Studio, Vienna, Austria

Mastered by Mischa Janisch at Sunshine Mastering, Austria

Vocals: Alexandra Caró
Background Vocals: Alexandra Caró, Stefan Schrupp, Lisa Kolonovits and Christian Kolonovits
Piano/Keyboards: Alexandra Caró, Stefan Schrupp and Christian Kolonovits
Guitar: Christoph Helm
Bass: Thomas Mora
Drums: Rainer Schumich and Georg Beck

Produced and arranged by Christian Kolonovits and Stefan Schrupp