Woyzeck & The Tiger Lillies


CD, 2012

01. My Last Breath
02. In This Fairground
03. Sand In The Sea
04. An Inch
05. Jealousy
06. Waltz The Night Away
07. Sirens Of Death
08. Stab Myself
09. Stick To Their Plan*
10. First Stone*
11. Bunch Of Whores*
12. Red Moon*

Music and lyrics by Martyn Jacques
* Music and lyrics by Marty Jacques and Hara Christopolou

The Tiger Lillies:
Martyn Jacques – Lead Vocals, Accordeon, Guitar
Adrian Huge – Drums, Percussion, Backing-Vocals
Adrian Stout – Double Bass, Singing Saw, Theremin, Backing-Vocals
Christian Kolonovits - Piano, Organ
Christof Zellhofer/Trp., Simon Ertl/Trp., Michael Schwaighofer/Trp.,
Simon Plötzeneder/Trp., Josef Fuchsberger/Trp., Peter Travnik/Trp.,
Manfred Stimez/Clar., Norbert Amon/Clar., Clemens Hofer/ Trb./
Ten.Horn, Mario Vavti/Trb./Ten.Horn, Stefan Thurner/Trb.,Christian
Eisenhut/Trb., Thomas Winalek, Trb., Friedrich Gindlhumer/Tba.,
Wilfried Plamoser/Perc./Drums, Daniel Neuhauser/Perc./Drums

Brass-Arrangements: Christian Kolonovits
Recorded and mixed by Clemens Nowak
at homebase recording studio vienna
Edited by Clemens Nowak
Mastered by Mischa Janisch at Sunshine Mastering, Austria
Produced by: Christian Kolonovits and The Tiger Lillies

Fotos: @ vbw Moritz Schell / Oliver Hadji /Stephanie Mohr
Artwork & Graphicdesign by Daniel Marhold (vbw 2011)